Coronation trip warning while waiting for parking chaos

Westminster traffic police strike to continue after new wage offer rejected

Saturday, April 29, 2023 - Austin Jacobs

Westminster traffic police strike to continue after new wage offer rejected Royal fans are urged to plan ahead amid warning strikes that could lead to chaos in the parking lot on Coronation Day. A traffic police strike in Westminster is set to continue after a new pay offer was rejected. GMB union members employed by the council's contractor, NSL, will retire on May 2, 4 and 6 and plan to take other forms of industrial action for a week from May 1.

The union said a wage increase offer was overwhelmingly rejected by its members and warned the strike could lead to "free parking for all" in the areas surrounding the caravan and cause problems on the closed streets that remain. clear by the board

Its spokesman said: "Although the coronation motorcade route will not be affected, the streets of Westminster will not have anyone working issuing parking tickets or directing tow trucks at troubled vehicles."

"We will see free parking for all on the streets of Westminster unless our members get a raise from their wealthy employers."

The coronation of King Charles III will take place next Saturday and hundreds of thousands of people are expected in London for the day's events. The King's Procession route stretches from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey, and dozens of routes will be closed by the City Council.

A greatly reduced daytime parking enforcement workforce would allow drivers parking in prohibited areas to escape tickets, while parking permits would remain unenforced, increasing the potential for widespread violations.

Strike raises possibility of widespread parking violations

Alex Etches, Director of GMB, said: “Our members have yet again rejected another below-inflation pay offer from the company. There is no reason why our members, who do hard and dangerous jobs, should be poorer this year than last.

“The people of this country are fed up with private companies making millions out of the public purse while the people who do the work that generates that money are asked to justify maintaining their standard of living.

“Our members' strike will cause chaos in the streets of Westminster during the coronation. NSL must be serious about giving our members an offer that won't make them worse off this year or they will be held accountable for the Coronation Day disruption.

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